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The Triumph Travelers Sports Car Club was established in 1958 as a non-profit organization to promote and further the Triumph marque in the San Francisco Bay Area. The club is affiliated with national and international Triumph marque organizations. TTSCC is open to all Triumph enthusiasts, no matter the model. Visitors are welcome to attend meetings and events and get acquainted.




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28   Sun  9:30AM  Tour to Paradise Park 
06   Tue  7:30pm  Business Meeting 
08  Thursday  9:30AM  Drive to Ventura 
09   Fri  Sept 8-11  Triumphest 2016 
17  Sat  All day  British Fall Classic 
02   Sat  TBD  Redwood Roll 
03   Sat  Oct 3-7  VTR National Convention 
04   Tue  7:30pm  Business Meeting 
08   Sat  8am to noon  Canepa Cars & Coffee 
23   Sun  9am-noon  Lucas-Morelli Tour 
01   Tue  7:30pm  Business Meeting 
13   Sun  TBD  River Road Tour 
06   Tue  7:30pm  Business Meeting 
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... May 28 is British Car Week - Be sure to drive your Triumph ... June 11-12 Yosemite Overnight Drive ...June 18 Tune & Tech at Vern's in Fremont ... Make reservations now for Triumphest 2016 September 8-11. Thanks from Celac at Keeble & Shuchat to all TTSCC members who brought their cars to the California Ave Photo Shoot K&S hosted Saturday - 10 of our Triumphs on display plus 20 other vintage cars. Hopefully we will be invited back next year.

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