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The Triumph Travelers Sports Car Club was established in 1958 as a non-profit organization to promote and further the Triumph marque in the San Francisco Bay Area. The club is affiliated with national and international Triumph marque organizations. TTSCC is open to all Triumph enthusiasts, no matter the model. Visitors are welcome to attend meetings and events and get acquainted.The purpose of this organization is to provide enthusiasts and owners of Triumph and Triumph related vehicles an opportunity to meet, socialize, and participate in various sports car activities.

o Early Beginnings Of The Triumph Travelers Sports Car Club

In 1958 the Triumph Travelers Sports Car Club was organized by a British sports car dealership, Allinger Motors, in Palo Alto, California, to promote the Triumph sports car marquee. Over the next few years its growth was significant enough to file for incorporation status with the State of California as a non-profit social organization. Following incorporation, TTSCC drew away from the direct ties of the dealership and became an independent sports car club. Today, Triumph Travelers has over 100 members and holds the distinction of being the oldest, continuously operating Triumph sports car club in the United States.

o TTSCC Is A Marquee Organization

Triumph Travelers is a marquee organization with a mission to provide enthusiasts and owners of Triumph and Triumph
related vehicles an opportunity to meet, socialize, and participate in various sports car activities. The Club also endeavors to foster the recognition and appreciation of the Triumph marquee

o Affiliations With Other Triumph Organizations

Triumph Travelers is affiliated with the Vintage Triumph Register (VTR), a national organization that was originally granted its sanction by the Triumph Sports Owners of America (TSOA), which at that time, was the USA publicity arm of the Triumph factory. We are also a local chapter of the Triumph Register of America (TRA) for those with the TR-2 through the TR4 series models. There are several other affiliations with Triumph related organizations across the USA and worldwide. It is important to understand that TTSCC is open to all Triumph enthusiasts and is not dedicated to any one particular Triumph model.

o Monthly Business Meetings

TTSCC holds its business meeting on the first Tuesday of each month, except in January. All meetings begin at 8:00 p.m. Come early and socialize. Typically, all business meetings are held in the San Francisco bay area (Silicon Valley) in close proximity to the city of San Jose. Click here for information on the current meeting site.

o Club Activities

TTSCC organizes several and varied activities and events throughout the year. One and two day tours, rallies of different types, tune and tech sessions, various local and out of town car meets, swap meets, both Concours d' Elegance and Funcours, a day-at-the-races, and parties are just a small sampling of the extensive activities. The club Calendar is packed throughout the year. There is virtually something of interest for every Triumph sports car enthusiast! See the Activities section of this web site.

Each fifth year TTSCC is host to the annual "Triumphest" which is a meet primarily for west coast Triumph clubs and enthusiasts, although people come from all over the country - and the world, for that matter - to participate in this highly popular event. This is always a three day gathering with a multitude of events and activities. Expect to find close to 200 Triumphs devotee's at this annual gathering. In those years that Triumph Travelers is not the host, other west coast Triumph clubs coordinate and sponsor Triumphest on a rotational basis. Typically, TTSCC tours as a group to other Triumphests.

We encourage all members, and prospective members, to participate in the events listed in the events Calendar - it's a great way to get to know the people and the club.

o Monthly Newsletter

Triumph Travelers publishes an award winning monthly newsletter, Tales & Trails, both in hard copy and electronic form. Articles include stories and pictures of the months activities, information on upcoming events, technical experiences, meeting minutes, plus much more. The Calendar of events is published in Tales & Trails and on our web site. We also exchange newsletters with other Triumph clubs on a worldwide basis.

o Members and their cars

Members can post pictures of their cars in the Member Pics section. Pictures will automatically appear in the scroll at the bottom of the Home Page. See FAQ's for instructions on how to include your photo.



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