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  1. Triumph Travelers is as much about the car owners as it is about the cars. Every event is an opportunity to meet new people and to socialize with other Triumph enthusiasts. Many lifelong friendships and even some marriages got their start through Triumph Travelers. Among the activities that are more socially oriented are:
  1. Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet: The January Business meeting is the time for inaugurating new officers, handing out awards for the previous year's activities, and enjoying a good meal in a festive environment.
  1. Business Meetings: Regular monthly meetings held the first Tuesday of the month provide an opportunity to check in with other club members and find out what's been happening and what activities are planned. Ordering dinner or a drink is an option at the restaurant that hosts the club meetings. Guests are always welcome.
  2. Holiday Party: December is holiday season and Triumph Travelers celebrates with a traditional combination hosted and pot luck get together.
  1. Summer Party: Hosted by various club members over the years, the Summer Party often is combined with a tour and usually features a bar-b-que.
  1. Movie Nights: A great way to enjoy the latest car or race related ficks , Triumph Travelers have gotten together to watch movies like "Rush" and "Senna".

  Music Track by Spinal Tappets- Mike Konopka-guitar & vocals; Jim Aldridge - guitar and vocals; Peter Conover-bass and vocals; Dan Swanson-keyboard, drums & vocals; Mark Fisher-harmonica & vocals; Dave Kayson-drums. All band members belong to the Illinois Sports Owners Association and own or have owned Triumphs. Copyright ILSOA  





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