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Gold Country Tour 2006 – Hosted by Karyn & Rich Gibbon
Sept.16 &17th

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Starting Point
Albertson’s Shopping Center, 2000 Portola, Livermore, CA
Entrance - between Cromwell &Portola on N. Livermore Ave.

Zero ODO (Approximate mileages for guidance only)
Exit Right out of parking lot onto N. Livermore Ave. (8:00am)

0.01 Continue straight at Portola (Livermore turns into Tesla and turns into Carrol Hollow)

21.9 Continue straight at 580 (do not enter 580)

Continue straight at Valpico

26.7 Continue straight at Eleventh (You are in Tracy)

27.7 Continue straight at Grant line

30.2 Right at Lammers Rd.

30.6 Left at Tracy Blvd.

38.5 Right at Hwy 4

47.7 Continue straight at Fresno Ave.

48.5 Continue straight at Interstate 5 (Hwy. 4 turns into Charter Way at Int. 5)
(You are in Stockton)
50.9 Continue straight at Diamond St.

52.2 Continue straight at Hwy. 99 (Do not enter Hwy. 99)

52.2 Right at Main St. (Main turns into Copperopolis Rd.)

55.5 Continue straight at Alpine

57.3 Left at Jack Tone

59.3 Right at Hwy 26

62.5 Left at Duncan

64.4 Right at Comstock

65.4 Left at Clements Rd (After to Clements sign)

75.6 Left at Hwy 88 (T intersection – Caution - Busy intersection)

76 Right into Chocoholics parking lot. (It should be10:00am.)
(You are in Clements)
“30 Minute STOP”
76.1 Right out of parking lot onto Hwy 88

80.1 Right at Elliott (Traffic Light in Lockford)

Continue straight at Peltier Rd.

83.4 Continue straight at Jahant Rd.

85.5 Continue straight at Liberty Rd.

89.5 Left at Bordin Rd. (Elliott becomes Clay Station Rd. at the county line)

89.6 Right to stay on Clay Station Rd.

93.1 Right at Twin Cities Rd (Hwy 104)

107.3 Left at Hwy 124 towards Placerville (You are in Ione)

115.5 Right onto Hwy 16

115.7 Continue straight onto Hwy 49 towards Placerville (Do not turn right to Sutter Creek)
118 Right at Fiddletown Rd. towards Shenandoah Valley (you are in Plymouth)

118.5 Bear Left at Y towards Shenandoah Valley

120.3 Right into Villa Toscano Winery parking lot. (It should be 12:30pm)
(Food available is for purchase)
“45 minute STOP”
120.5 Right out of parking lot onto Shenandoah Rd.

122 Left Bell Rd.

123.3 Left to continue on Bell Rd.

123.9 Right into Story Winery parking lot. (It should be 1:30pm)
“Lunch - 60 minute STOP”
124 Left out of parking lot

124.5 Right to continue on Bell Rd.

125.8 Left at T (Shenandoah Rd. - no sign)

126.6 Left at Stiener Rd.

128.8 Left into Charles Spinetta Winery parking lot (It should be 2:37pm)
“30 minute STOP”
128.9 Left out of parking lot.

129.7 Left at T (Shenandoah Rd. – no sign)

130.6 Right at Ostrom Rd.

133 Left at T

133.2 Right at stop sign

133.3 Left at stop sign (Fiddletown Rd. – You are in Fiddletown)

135.2 Bear right onto Hale Rd.

141.4 Left at T (Shake Ridge Rd. – no sign)

141.8 Right at Charleston Rd.

144.4 Continue straight at Stop sign (You are in Volcano)

144.5 Bear right onto Volcano – Pine Grove Rd.

147.6 Right at T towards Jackson (Hwy 88 – You are in Pine Grove)

156.6 Right at T (Hwy 49 – You are in Jackson)

156.9 Continue straight at Main St.

157.1 Right into Jackson Lodge driveway (Caution – Bump at entrance)
Check into Lodge - “60 Minute STOP” (It should be 4:00pm)
157.2 Right out of Jackson Lodge parking lot onto Hwy 49/88.

158.2 Bear right on Hwy49 toward Sutter Creek

159.3 Continue straight at Ridge Rd. (You must be in the left lane to go straight)

160.7 Right at Gopher Flat Rd. (At the end of town – You are in Sutter Creek)




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