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Special Tune 'n Tech for Transmission Rebuilding

Hosted by Bud Morris

Saturday, June 1 2002, seven members of TTSCC met at "JOHN BULL" British Car Garage in Walnut Creek for a transmission 101 rebuilding session. Roy Sujit, Philip Buck, Rich Gibbon, Bob Kinderlehrer, Lance Smith, Bud Morris and Randy Bauder, whose Spitfire trany we used, were in attendance. It took about two and one half hours to disassemble, clean and reassemble with new parts as needed. Mike Hall the "Professor" took great care in showing and explaining the things to look out for when overhauling transmissions, including the other Triumphs.
Coffee and donuts were provided and since Mike is usually open til noon on Saturday a few of his clients and neighbors dropped by.
We thought Karyn Gibbon would offer to wash parts but she cut out to do some copying at Kinkos and got back along with Susie Bauder and Randy's mother just in time to go to lunch at Mr. Pickwick's British Pub.
Mike Hall is a fountain of knowledge on British cars so if there are any other tech sessions you would like to have I think we may prevail upon him again. He has a large barn up in the Red Bluff area where he stores many British cars that are for sale as parts cars. They will be wholesaled overseas eventualy.
FLASH! Saturday afternoon June 1 after we left, Mike was taking a load of pipe to his ranch when the trailer started swerving and he lost the load. It took out the left quarter panel on his SUV. Thank God his next door neighbor is a body shop.



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