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  1. All Tour Leaders must pre-check the route (drive it rather than just look at a map and say, "Yah, that'll work"). A bridge could be out or a street closed due to pipeline work. Naturally, the finish site will be notified well in advance of the event and then a confirming phone call the day before to make sure all is well.

2. Never, ever, depend on Google, Yahoo or any another map maker! They often make errors of omission, or commission.

3. Ideally, the pre-check would be done at about the same time and day the event is scheduled.

4. Yes, this IS a tour, but cars DO get separated. The instructions must be workable if a participant loses sight of the leader. (Astonishingly, there are even people who would like to drive the course without worrying about the car behind or in front staying there.)

5. Use double spacing when printing instructions. Paper isn't that costly and it's far easier to read. Remember, NOT all drivers have a navigator. Always provide a pen if the team needs one.

6. Ideally, everyone stays together - but what if they don't? (At a SIGNAL for example, the leader can't pull over and wait in traffic.) Participants must be able to continue, and find the Finish with the instructions they carry.

7. It would be helpful if the instructions hinted, "Sign is faded, up in the trees".

8. Write instructions uniformly: "Left (or L) at so-an-so; Right (or R) at such-and-such". Help participants reach the Finish if the leader is out of sight.

9. The universal law of tours is to NEVER lose sight of the car behind you. The car in front of you will do the same. The poor guy who fails to note your turn may drive the wrong way for an hour . . .

NOTE: If the sign reads: BOTTLENECK RD, don't write BOTTLE NECK AVENUE

L = Left turn of about 90 degrees (+ or -), at designated point.
R = Right turn of about 90 degrees (+ or -) at designated point.
C = Continue past (or through) designated point, or intersection.

SAMPLE: 1. L out of parking lot onto MAIN Street.
2. R at HAPPY CAMPER (STOP sign).
3. C at SAD SACK and veer R (Right) onto FROWN TOWN ROAD
4. L on BLISS BUSTER (Signals).
5. R first chance after DEADBEAT onto TROUBLEMAKER.
6. R at WATERHOLE WAY for rest stop. .

Be consistent with turn instructions. (Right or R and L or Left.) Remember the solo driver!

If you need to warn entrants of something they need to know, (creek may flood; radar cop on duty; soccer field next to the road) let the drivers know!

Notify finish site as well as rest sites of your schedule. Best practice is to notify the area's police/sheriff offices, but most tour leaders are reluctant to do so.

Make sure all participants receive the entire set of instructions with tour leader's cell phone as well as the phone number at the finish, unless it's a park, of course.

While there are few small kids or pregnant ladies who tour, it's nice to consider a pit stop site on longer legs of a tour.

If you want to add a little spice to your instructions, warn entrants that at the Finish they'll be asked if they drove on PITFALL ROAD. (But use a street name that's easy to spot, not one with tiny print hidden behind a light pole.) And then draw lots for a winner.





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